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Provision of 20% & 10% waiver on tuition fees of courses of trimester Summer-20

Date: June 01, 2020

Ref: SUB/REG-HO 2005/01 33

Subject: Provision of 20% & 10% waiver on tuition fees of courses of trimester Summer-20

Ref. A. Decision of Special Acad Council Meeting held online on May 23, 2020


The Academic Council has decided to make a provision of 20% waiver on the tuition fees for the new students as well as for the existing who would be paying the full tuition fees of summer-20 at one go. In the normal payment mode 10% waiver may be extended to all irrespective of being already a waiver enjoyer or other.

However, students having cleared their outstanding dues of Spring-20 will be eligible to avail the above waiver offers of Summer-2020. This provision will remain valid only for Summer-2020.

For making inquiries on dues of tuition fees as well as waiver offer of Summer -2020 students are advised to call or SMS at the following Numbers :

1)01711444608 (Mr. Motaher, Asst. Dir.Finance)

2)01715012101 (Mr. Azad Executive, Accounts office Dhanmondi)

3)01923844107 (Accounts Office Dhanmondi)

PABX Tel: 1144303, 8119959, 9101008, 5015184 1/Ext-112,228 (Dhanmondi campus)


1.PABX Tel: 58151469, 50155834, Ss151841/Ext.-105,204 (Siddeswary campus)


2.Mobile: 01736776125 (Mr. Rafi, Deputy Chief Accounts Officer) (Siddeswary campus) 


Beware of COVID-19! Best wishes.




Muhammad Abdul Matin






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