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Payment of Tuition Fees on Monthly Installment

Ref: SUB-REG-HO/Notice 2109/13 01

Date: September 13, 2021


Subject: Payment of Tuition Fees on Monthly lnstallment

Ref. A. Our Office memo SUB/REG-HO-OM 21A8104 02 dated August 04,2021


This is for the information of students and all concerned that from Fall-2021 lhe students will pay their trimester tuition fees on monthly installments. The total dues of the trimester on the basis of registered courses of the students concerned have been divided into four parts to constitute a monthly installment amount. This has been done for convenience of the students to pay their tuition fees on monthly installment with ease.


Students will log in their portals to see their respective dues and can pay from home through the accounts of Sonali bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Nogod, bKash. Rocket and Nexus Pay Apps.


The payment schedule for Fall-2021 is shown as under:

1st lnstallment: Within September 23,2021

2nd lnstallment: Within October 13,2021

3'd lnstallment: Within November 14,2021

4th lnstallment: Within December 06,2021


Students are requested to pay their tuition fees as per the above schedule.



Muhammad Abdul Matin